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How to Order Course Materials

How do I order my course materials?
Please click the Order Textbooks tab or click HERE to look up your required course materials. You can quickly Lookup by Student ID or Lookup by Course.  It is recommended to Lookup by Student ID.  *** NOTE: Course materials are specific to the term of your enrolled courses.  Be sure to select the correct term for ordering.


How do I look up my course materials with a Student ID?
1. Select term and enter student id #
2. Click the Lookup Courses by Student ID button
3. View course materials - If the college has made any recent changes to your schedule or financial aid, please allow 24 hours for this update to reflect in your materials shown . (Note: see FAQ below if unable to add to cart)

Do I purchase the course materials if I am in the Ready for Success program?
You do not need to purchase materials for courses that are in the Ready for Success Program. As an enrolled student, the college has automatically assessed the cost for your required course materials at a low cost of $24/ per credit hour.  You can review more details about this program on the Ready for Success page.  You would however need to purchase the materials if that course is exempt from the program, or you Opt-Out.

If unable to "add to cart", how can I get my Ready for Success materials shipped?
You can have your physical course materials shipped by adding the "Ready for Success Physical Course Materials Shipping" item to your cart.  We will review your schedule for the required physical materials and ship them to you.  If you select In-store Pickup, we will notify you when they are ready for pickup. *** NOTE:  Locker pickup is  no longer available.



Do I need to purchase ALL of the course materials listed for my courses?

Course materials only need to be purchased if you are enrolled in a course that is exempt from the Ready for Success program, OR if you Opt-Out of the program.  Then you are responsible to purchase you materials separately.

Course materials listed as:
-Required or Choice are submitted by your instructor as a requirement to pass their course.
-Instructor Recommended are not required but are submitted by your instructor as an additional resource to help you pass their course.
-Optional are listed by the ATC Bookstore as an alternative or component of the Required course materials like an access code.

How do I look up my course materials with a course schedule?
1. Select term, department, course, & section according to you schedule
2. Click the Lookup Courses button
3. View course materials & click add to cart


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